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Why choose us

Reducing Product Costs, Easy Quality Control

With cheaper than virgin plastic, the product of our company acts as a filler for plastics products.

For products requiring high stability, with the addition of our company products output will easily configure, ensuring better product shape

Because the product quality of our company is strictly controlled under ISO 9001 procedures and 5s (Japan) should, customers will easily manage product features depending on the amount of preparation

Professional Products, variety and competitive prices

Our company specializes in producing additives for the product lines of PP and PE specializes professionalism so the product is very high, to suit different types of businesses should though only 2 product line we also split the lot of products with prices from low to high.

Friendly to humans and the environment

Products of our company has been recognized as effective in helping to reduce the time decay of plastic bags in the natural environment (without prejudice to the anti-UV products maker)
to UK certified as safe for food, meaning that it is safe for consumer health

Good material

The largest sources of raw materials to produce products that are extracted from the crystalline limestone quarry through hundreds of millions of years, are evaluated by geologists the world and recognized by the State.

Stable quality

Besides, raw materials carefully selected and imported from reputable countries in the world as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, ... all production processes are strictly controlled by the engineering department, compliance management processes Iso 9001: 2015 has created high-quality products and stable.

Product Consultant

The Company will advise customers about our products that best suit the client, depending on the type of price customers will have the best service when purchasing our questions.