PP Filler Masterbatch HP201S

PP Filler Masterbatch HP201S

* HP201S is a filler masterbatch for PP plastic. It allows high-rate usage. That's why It help to reduce hugely production cost while still keeping your plastic end product at high-quality grade

* HP201S cause low dust-emission

* Mixture with HP201S cause only a weak frictional force to worm-screw. As the result the pressure on screen is kept at low-grade. That extends the life of worm-screw and screen as well as other involved parts of your equipment

* HP201S is a balanced additive. Using HP201S, manufacturer can make products with high tensile and moderate elongation grade while still keeping the considerably low cost. Especially, HP201S is suitable for UV-resistance products and high-speed fiber machine.

* No moisture absorber needed for your material mixture if using HP201S as the filler


HP201S is used  for different applications such as: packaging of animal feed, fertilizer, agricultural products, particularly it is also used in production of Jumbo bags, cement package (KP, KPK) and other high quality products


Plastic content   WT % 21
CaCO3 content   WT % 79
Density ASTM D1506 g/cm3 1.20
Melt index (230o C, 2.16 kg) ASTM D1238 g 9
Moisture IR % ≤0.1
Shape   mm 3±0.5