PE Filler Masterbatch HP102

PE Filler Masterbatch HP102

* HP102 is a PE plastic filler which allows high-ratio consumption. It help to reduce hugely production cost while still keep your plastic products at high-quality grade

* In manufacturing plastic bags, using HP102 would make your products tougher than using additive from almost other producers. It also giveyour product a glossy surface. HP102 especially is suitable for products with porcelaine-white color.

* Mixture with HP102 cause only a weak frictional force to worm-screw. As the result the pressure on screen is kept at low-grade. That extend the life of worm-screw and screen as well as other involved parts of your equipment

* No moisture absorber needed. If the rate of consumption is below 50%, HP102 should be put into production straight away. If the rate is 50% or upper, HP102 should be dried briefly before using.



Used in manufacturing PE plastic products such as shopping bags, tarpaulin cloth ... especially products with porcelain-white color.


Plastic content   WT % 20
CaCO3 content   WT % 80
Density ASTM D1506 g/cm3 1.22
Melt index (190o C, 2.16 kg) ASTM D1238 g 7
Moisture IR % ≤0.1
Shape   mm 3±0.5