About us

We, HPCHEM is a leading plastic additive producer in Vietnam. Our main products are filler masterbatch, color masterbatch … for plastic manufacturers. Established in 2007, we focused on advanced equipment investment, technical staff development and skilled worker improvement for our target to become a leading company. Investment for product innovation is our main priority. Our R&D team is arguably the best in comparison to another plastic additive producer in Vietnam. We also got ISO 9001 certificate to help improve our production.

Innovations on polymer in recent years had strong impacts on plastic manufacturer, both on the way products were made and the material needed. For that, we improved our self, seized the challenge and made really good products which helped both customers in Vietnam and abroad to reduce their production cost and improve product’s quality. Not only got certificates from reliable international standard organization such as SGS, DIN …, our products also got approved from UK, Germany … for their national food, health and environment standards.

We understand our success is from the contribution of all our staff and workers, especially from our esteemed customers for all over 10 years. We always have it in our mind and we will always be your reliable partner


Our products


We have a vast knowledge and experience of plastic industry. That’s why our invention always truly focus on the core of plastic production which help us to bring our customer real benefits. Things make our products unique are:

* Consistence of our product make your production run smoothly, help to raise the productivity.

* Taylor-made for specific need so our products maximize the reduction on cost

* Made toward health and environment standards: Our products got approved from UK, Germany … for their national food, health and environment standards. These help our customer a lot in selling their products to markets which has strict rule on materials used in production.